Parquet floors

Parquet floors are made from a natural, high-grade material: wood. Wood has many unique and valuable advantages and particularities. Besides its natural look and ecological properties, parquet flooring has a timeless, always fashionable appearance, that allows you to make the transition between tradition and modernity smoothly and subtly, which makes it an ideal choice for arranging your interior according to your taste. There are several types of parquet floors available, each with its own specific characteristics. Discover the different advantages of each option before choosing the one that suits your tastes and your lifestyle best. Please feel free to contact us for personalised advice and more details regarding the special features of each product.gitu


Solid hardwood parquet floor


What are we talking about?

Solid parquet stands for all the values inherent in tradition and specialist craftsmanship that goes into enhancing the elegant raw material that is wood in its pure state. Hardwearing and durable, this type of parquet can survive several generations and will lend undeniable charm to your living space.

Technical features

Solid parquet consists of a single and continuous layer of wood. This type of parquet can be pre-finished or factory-finished (stained, varnished or oiled) and can be glued or nailed depending on the chosen technique and the type of ground.




Authentic charm


Multilayer parquet floor


What are we talking about?

Multilayer parquet is an elegant alternative to solid parquet. The surface consists of a high-grade wood species that allows us to replicate the appearance of solid parquet, but with added stability afforded by its sublayers. This is the parquet floor variation preferred by many of our customers.

Technical features

This parquet is composed of several layers. The surface layer consists of solid wood and the sublayers are made of slats of wood that are glued, cross-glued or defibrated. This type of parquet can be pre-finished or factory-finished (stained, varnished or oiled) and is generally solid laid or laid floating.


Stability (sizeable lengths and widths)

Variety of choices and species

Good value for money

Old parquet floors

Are you looking to renovate your old parquet floors bringing them back their former glory? Want to lay an old parquet flooring in your new living space? Our teams are on hand to advise or to take care of the installation and renovation of your old parquets floorings.

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