Floor covering

Floor coverings are formed from composite materials (such as resin, HDF or PVC), which replicate the appearance of real wood extremely faithfully. These easy-to-clean materials are a good choice and allow you to give free rein to your fantasy and imagination.

Laminated flooring


What is it?

Laminated flooring consists of a wood derivative and a synthetic top layer replicating natural wood in an identical way. The degree of resistance varies according to the product range chosen. This type of floor covering promotes individual creativity: sophisticated or traditional designs, pale or warm colours, simulated wood species… the possibilities are endless! However, laminated floor is impossible to renovate, unlike solid or multilayer parquet floor.

Technical features

Laminate consists of a composite product replicating the appearance of real wood and covered with a top layer of resin. This composition is then glued to a chipboard base in order to form slats. This is a type of parquet is easy to clean and floated.


  • Creative possibilities
  • Economical
  • Easy to maintain

Vinyl slats


What are we talking about?

Vinyl slats are a go-to choice in faux parquet flooring. Their decorative appearance and excellent sound insulation qualities make them a smart and modern choice. Moreover, their composition gives them powerful antibacterial and total waterproofing properties (in the case of 100% PVC slats). They are therefore easy to clean.

Technical features

Vinyl slats can be combined with two different materials, HDF or PVC, in order to form two distinct compositions. This thin covering can be laid onto any type of ground. Vinyl slats are generally floated and require no special maintenance.


  • Hygienic & easy to maintain
  • Sound insulation
  • Creative possibilities

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