Depending on the type of parquet and wood species you choose, you may need to apply a special surface treatment to ensure that your floor withstands the test of time and the elements on a long-term basis.


Sanding down a parquet floor after laying is part of the finishing work. This technique helps to open up the wood’s pores. The material is then prepared in readiness for waterproofing or oiling. Sanding is also frequently carried out in renovation works.


This durable finishing technique strengthens your floor covering and lends character to its appearance. Thin coats of a water- or solvent-based lacquer are applied to protect your parquet against daily aggressions.


Wood staining is the ideal technique to give a new lease of life to your parquet floor, simulate exotic wood species with a native wood parquet and also, perhaps more importantly, to make your floor a decorative piece in its own right.


Oiling brings out the qualities of wood in the rough, while guaranteeing its protection. The solution penetrates the wood fibres deep down and enhances the appearance of the raw material. This technique requires regular maintenance for optimum effect.

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